The Global recession has severely affected property sales worldwide for the last 5 to 6 years.  Here at the Kwazulu Natal South Coast the property trends indicate that we are still very much in a “Buyer’s Market” and there are still a large number of properties available from which a potential property buyer can choose.  Compared to property inquiries and sales in 2011, the numbers of inquiries and sales in 2012 are still on the rise. This is indicative of the property market regaining confidence and property buyers are not only looking for permanent residential properties to upgrade or downgrade permanent residential sizes, but there are also again buyers looking for investment properties.

Regarding the latest banks/financial lending authorities feedback on the property market, their statistics show that the growth in sales from 2011 is continuing into 2012. They further suggest that 2012 should finally see the property market  recover to a degree of normality and stability, from the slump of the last 5 to 6 years. 

This recovery is largely due to the banks/financial lending authorities being more willing to grant loans today to property buyers, than they have been over the last 5  to 6 years. We are hopful that this new flurry of property buying at the KZN Hibiscus South Coast contiues!


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View our wide variety of properties  on our Tyson Properties Uvongo website. Also contact me at Tyson Properties in Uvongo and we can discuss what bargain properties we have listed. It must be remembered that as this year (2012) progresses, and property financing becomes easier, we may find that the frequency of finding good deals on properties may become less and less, and great priced properties could just be “a thing of the past”.