South African War Veteran’s Special Pensions Registration!

Here is some reliable info from sources in the SANDF, regarding the Registering and Claiming for Veteran’s Military Pension.

A final meeting on the subject will be held in Pretoria on Friday morning 13th July 2012.

A new final date for Registering is 31st July 2012.

You will have to pass a means test in order to qualify.

If you do apply, it is strongly suggested that you join the South African Legion who can support you in your application.

Generally, the whole process is supposedly aimed at those who have disabilities (probably missing limbs etc) from their time in the armed forces, and are thus not able to earn a living. It is also said that if one did qualify one would only get a very nominal amount (maybe R150.00/month) because of the numbers of Veterans who are expected will apply.

Contact me via the Comment Box below and I will forward you the docs that I have.